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How are your data centers doing? Very few systems incorporate all of the data from monitoring of IT and facilities into a single, holistic picture of how all your data centers are performing.

A Three-Layer Approach: Monitor, Analyze, Automate

Data center management requires three layers. First, monitor and visualize the details and activities across all systems and locations. Next, analyze how to utilize the data center more efficiently to save energy and space or increase the utilization of existing equipment. Finally, automate the action layerwhich allows for synchronized management across the silos of facility, IT hardware, networks, and applications.

The same three-layer approach has to be expanded also across multiple data centers, a likely scenario in any organization with a need for multi-site redundancy. At this level, broader coordination with network providers and power utilities that serve and connect each data center must be integrated with the management of each data center. If a power or network outage impacts one particular site or application stack, it behooves the data center manager to be able to switch that stack seamlessly to another data center or even across multiple data centers. An integrated, holistic data center management framework enables this kind of agility.


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